Dev Diary : Update #1

Dev Diary Entry – Sam Yazza, Founder of: Event Horizon MMO

Date: May 8, 2023

What an amazing month its been for the Event Horizon MMO project!

It’s been a full month since our successful investor pitch, and what a blur its been. First and foremost LD and I would like to thank the investors and initial community members who have placed faith in our ability to get this game running for all to enjoy. Here’s a recap of everything we’ve gotten accomplished this month.

Web Presence

A major focus for this first month has been on setting up our internet presence. We have everything from a website and discord community to social media pages ready to start sharing info with the world. The following pages and communities are up and running with new content being added as it is generated. Be sure to follow on your favorite social sites to stay up to date on all the upcoming Event Horizon news!

Game Lore is one of the most important, yet often overlooked pieces of game design. It’s the glue that binds our imaginations to the digital worlds we create, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in our character’s universe. Event Horizon is focused on using our lore to explain game mechanics and features that players will expect to see once they connect.

This month saw the beginnings of character development. We have created and begun working with the first 10 characters we will use to build our lore around. These characters are from all walks of Event Horizon life and will tell tales of their journey through the wormhole and the toils of establishing humanity in a far off universe.Discord community members along with Facebook and Twitter followers got a sneak peak at the first four lore pieces that introduce some of these characters. Event Horizon insiders have had positive reactions and given amazing feedback on these initial pieces. In the coming weeks, they will be polished and presented in the Event Horizon Lore section of our website. Have a read, then stop by the Discord server and join in on the discussions!

Tech Update

While I’ve been busy writing lore and setting up socials, LD has been working his behind the scenes magic. Here’s a list of technical accomplishments for the last month!

  • Setup Unity project to begin development process
  • Started twice-weekly design and development meets
  • Rented Amazon AWS cloud server temporarily to begin development
  • Established and installed Perforce version control system for Unity project
  • Created framework for automated testing and through linux virtual machine
  • Initial solar system scene created and undergoing design process

Looking Ahead

May promises to be just as busy as we chug along full steam. We hope to have the first of our own servers installed to be able to drop the rented cloud server. More lore pieces and characters will be revealed as they are written and developed. As we start producing more visual content, the social pages will be updated to start generating attention and community growth. Dev meetings have begun to be recorded and additional content will be available from those as well. We will begin hosting live development sessions via Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter Spaces very soon. Keep and eye out for news pieces and interviews with the devs that may pop up from time to time as new announcements are made!

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